Racing simulation games are great fun. With a force-feedback wheel and a VR-headset even more so. But to take your sim racing experience to truly fantastic levels of immersion you need our SIMRIG SR1 motion rig.

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A new product

The SIMRIG SR1 racing simulation rig is the complete package. Motors, electronics, chair, and control software. All packaged into a single product. All you need to bring is your own favorite racing wheel.

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Heave. Tilt. Roll. Set three degrees of virtual movement free into the physical world. Feel the car move, and gauge how much friction there is left as you leave a corner.


All our simulation rigs are equipped with the SIMRIG control software. With support for popular games, and with settings to fine-tune the experience for individual cars.



Thanks everybody who meet us as Retrospelsmässan in Gothenburg. You feedback was much appreciated.