A 3-DOF motion system from SIMRIG

SIMRIG SR1 is a powerful 3-DOF motion system. Built and developed in-house with a simple goal: ease-of-use and affordability.

The system can achive heave, roll, and pitch, using four actuators mounted at the corners of your rig. The system can react to accelerations by tilting the rig in any direction. It can also react to bumps and curbs by moving the system up and down.



Technical details about SIMRIG SR1

Max system load: 175 kg (includes rig and driver)

Max actuator load: 50 kg (for a single actuator)

Travel: 55 mm

DOF: 3

Power Supply: 500 W, 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

Supported rigs: 20x60 and 40x80 cm aluminum profiles

Software: SIMRIG Control Center


SIMRIG Control Center

Software included

SIMRIG Control Center is responsible for managing the SIMRIG SR1 motion system. It extract telemetry data from your favorite simulator and converts it into motion commands for the SIMRIG SR1.

SIMRIG Control Center is included in all systems.

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SIMRIG Control Center

Supported rigs

Available fasteners and adapters


SIMRIG SR1 can be bolted to 20x20 mm aluminum profiles without adapters or fasteners. This makes SIMRIG SR1 compatible with most frames built using 60x20 mm aluminum extrusions.

Four 20x20 mm aluminum profiles are required. They are mounted perpendicular to the frame's 60x20 mm profiles. Two for the rear actuators and two for the front actuators.


A separate adapter is available for 80x40 mm or larger extrusions. Making SIMRIG SR1 compatible with anything that accepts four M5 bolts separated by 40 mm (in a square.)