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We design and build motion systems

Our products include purpose built hardware and software for racing simulation. All our products are developed in-house. This allows for great integration between software and hardware. Read more about us.

Our first product is the SIMRIG SR1. It is a complete motion system for your rig. Check it out.

# Hardware

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The SIMRIG SR1 # Software

The bridge between virtual and reality

SIMRIG Control Center acts as a bridge between the simulator and the SIMRIG hardware. It is the Gateway's job to collect telemetry data (vehicle movements, engine RPM, wheel slippage, etc.) and translate it into physical actions performed by the hardware. These actions results in movements in SIMRIG SR1 that mimic those of the virtual vehicle.



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SIMRIG at Elmia Custom Motor Show

by Erik Alveflo

We were invited to SBF's booth at Elmia to represent virtual racing. About 80,000 people attended the car show. Over 100 of these got the opportunity to test our motion system.

Newsletter February 2019

by Sebastian Djerf

Experienced the first Swedish Champion in sim racing first hand and having a product launch in the near future, what a perfect start of the year!

SIMRIG at SM-Veckan

by Sebastian Djerf

What does virtual racing have to do with tug of war and wrestling?

Welcome to our new site!

by Erik Alveflo

We are excited to introduce our new site. Welcome! We hope it will serve you well with good documentation, exciting news and most importantly, act a portal for our community members.