Notice of risk! Risk of getting hurt. Risk of crush injuries. Risk of burn injuries.


Make sure no children, pets, or other living things are in the vicinity of the motion rig before and during operation.

Take extra care If using VR glasses. VR makes you blind and deaf to your surroundings Make sure children, or pets, or uninformed persons, can not enter the vicinity of the motion rig.

Never start the motion without you sitting in the motion rig.

Never let any uniformed person or children operate the motion rig.

At all times keep your body parts over the rigs frame never under where they can get pinched.

Also make sure that the rig and the peripherals attached to it have enough room to move freely without hitting anything or crushing/pinching any living thing. Beware of that the motion rig moves up and down and tilts both sideways and leans forward and backward.

The linear motors are very power full and have the ability to inflict serious damage both to living creatures and things.

After a long period of use the motors can get too hot to touch. Do not remove the covers. Do not touch the motors.

Make sure you have assembled the emergency stop in a easy to reach position when using the motion rig. Test the emergency stop button after first assembly.

Make sure that the rig is standing on a flat surface. The rig can be uneven before it is calibrated this is normal. The rig starts to move automatically when a car is started within a game (if enabled).

When the linear motors are not activated by the game they are temporary tuned off. When the linear motors are turned of the rig can tilt or move because of the weight are not longer supported with help of the motors.

It must be connected to an earthed socket.

The maximum total weight shall never exceed 175kg this includes the driver, the rig, and all accessories 1

Only one person at a time on the motion rig.

It’s main and only use is as a motion simulator connected to a computer and in use with the supplied software and compatible simulators/games 2.

For indoor use only.

Always disconnect power when not used and during maintenance and assembly.


example of accessories: racing seat, steering wheel, pedals, gear changer, handbrake, bass-shaker, belts and more


see separate list of compatible simulators/games

If any questions or doubts please contact us.